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Baer Consulting

This is the premier company that z/OS Enterprise Systems Managers and IT Systems Managers and Executives rely on for assistance, information, and support for mainframe and open-source business-critical computing.

Services & Support

Support and services are provided in multiple strategic areas; for instance, library and storage management, network management, and overall system security. In addition, BCI has extensive experience with OEM product installations, z/OS, Unix System Services, Capacity Planning and Performance Management Solutions, z/os Security Server (RACF) Consulting Services, CICS Transaction Server, and the WebSphere products for Internet commerce solutions.

BCI gives the highest value possible to our clients using state-of-the-art monitors with direct and secure access to their systems. System support for our client's business critical z/OS environments is provided up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our clients receive prompt, efficient response to and resolution of problems. Our support contracts are augmented by comprehensive interaction; including weekly client meetings, status reports, and monthly performance reports to assure system, network, and data integrity.

We are committed to client satisfaction by maintaining an information technology partnership with our clients. BCI is your enterprise systems solutions provider!

BCI Support Center

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The Support Center is a combination of three departmental support functions: Operations, Facilities Management, System Programming. Support Center clients rely on BCI to respond to problem/incidents with on-call support staff and managers. Clients define the business critical nature or "Severity Level" of each problem/incident. The goal is to minimize adverse effects on our client's day-to-day business functions.

Using BCI's Support Center services can eliminate the need to employ, orient, train, and manage in-house system support staff. In addition, clients can eliminate the associated costs, delays, and distractions related to occasional problem resolution. The total Support Center package includes a standard reporting mechanism that produces a monthly system "health check", software inventory/upgrade report, and a performance/capacity planning document.

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