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VM Services

VM (Virtual Machine) has long been recognized as a robust computing platform, spanning the entire IBM System z family. Every day, virtually millions of people access information served by VM systems. With rich function and superior quality, z/VM and VM/ESA continue to be premier IBM operating systems.

z/VM provides a highly flexible test and production environment for enterprises deploying the latest e-Business solutions. Built upon the solid VM/ESA base, z/VM exploits the z/Architecture and helps enterprises meet their growing demands for multi-system server solutions with a broad range of support for operating system environments such as z/OS, TPF, VSE/ESA, CMS, and Linux for System z.

Let BCI's experienced personnel assist your company as they take advantage of the new enhancements in z/VM. In addition, we can also assist in utilizing the current release of VM. Including: VM TCP/IP, VM/VTAM, VM software maintenance application, and Systems Programmer for VM.

If you are contemplating a project that involves VM or the addition of z/VM to your installation, call us to determine how Baer Consulting experts can assist.

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