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VSE/ESA Services

Thousands of customers worldwide, in all sizes, in all industries, rely on VSE/ESA's robust, cost-effective batch and on-line transaction processing. Pay special attention to how VSE can fit into an overall e-business strategy for your company. With VSE as a core part of your IT infrastructure, you can be as competitive as you want to be.

BCI's clients benefit from sound advice and industry experience for VSE/ESA installation and migration planning. With the announcement of VSE/ESA 2.6, enhancements include:

  • TCP/IP support for CICS External Call Interface (ECI)
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for TCP/IP
  • Upgrading the currency of e-business connectors introduced in VSE/ESA V2.5 to the newer J2EE standards.
  • New hardware support - includes OSA Express (Gigabit Ethernet), FICON, and VSAM support for 3390-9 large capacity disk.

Our experienced personnel are ready to assist you in taking advantage of these exciting new enhancements. In addition, BCI also offers Systems Programming Assistance with the following:

  • VSE system software installation, including optional products
  • VSE system upgrade via Fast Service Upgrade
  • VSE software maintenance application
  • OEM software installation
  • TCP/IP for VSE/ESA implementation
  • VTAM customization
  • NCP install/implementation
  • IBM 9221 ICA to Multiprise 2003 with OSA or Multiprise 3000 Adapters
  • ESO implementation (Multiprise 3000, hardware and software, internal disk)
  • IOCP coding
  • LPAR implementation on ES/9000, Multiprise 2000, or Multiprise 3000
  • Multiple VSE guest support under VM/ESA
  • System recovery following hardware failure
  • Implementation of Token Ring and Ethernet Lans
  • OSA-2 implementation
  • OSA/SF implementation
  • Performance consulting
  • VSE "Health Checkup"
  • Disaster Recovery planning / testing
  • Contract Systems Programmer for VSE
  • FBA to (E)CKD DASD conversion
  • (E)CKD to non-similar (E)CKD DASD conversion

In short, BCI can assist with any VSE/ESA services.

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