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Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services

Has maintaining your in-house mainframe service requirements become an area of concern as hardware and software becomes more expensive, and finding skilled mainframe professionals become harder to replace? BCI Managed Cloud Services will help you address the disruptive change and modernization challenges IT Departments face today, i.e. replacing / upgrading aging CPU, operating systems, updating management software facing end-of-life and addressing skilled staff shortages.

BCI Managed Hosting Services will enable you to position the mainframe as an essential growth platform in your IT landscape to preserve and use your back-end Critical Systems, Applications, data and workloads both during and after a DevOps Modernization transition.

BCI’s Technical Team of SME’s and Consultants are available to advise, plan, manage and assist your daily or strategic Operational project needs. Complete zManaged Care offerings for Mainframe include, z/OS, zVM and Linux on z systems management, software upgrades, managed workloads, project planning, deployment services, and Disaster Recovery assurance support.

BCI Managed Cloud Services

Baer Consulting helps our customers better align IT services to business priorities by reducing risk and lowering the cost of operating and maintaining your own Enterprise Server on-premise or remotely.

BCI Solutions to lower Mainframe costs:

  • Outsourcing Mainframe Managed Services
  • Processor Optimization, MIPS / R4HA
  • Mainframe Hosting Services
  • Staffing / Project execution relief
  • Reduce Software License Fees 25-50%
  • Hardware upgrades, rightsizing

Baer-Consulting (BCI) delivers a comprehensive set of System Z managed care and cloud hosting options for sites looking to outsource the maintenance and care of their mainframe system. BCI’s Technical Team of SME’s and Consultants are available to advise, plan, manage and assist your daily or strategic Operational project needs. Complete zManaged Care offerings for Mainframe Hybrid Cloud include: System Applications Monitoring, availability, Workload & Capacity Planning, software upgrades, project planning, installation, deployment, and providing for timely Disaster Recovery test and fail over execution.

Hybrid Cloud Support

We can help transform your data management systems to solve your most pressing issues while preparing for future growth. Hybrid Cloud offers the best mix of technology to deliver the right solution to meet your business goals.

A Hybrid Cloud solution combines the optimal mix of on-premise IT, private cloud, and public cloud to deliver the business value you need. It also allows you to evaluate and integrate new technologies where needed and leverage legacy systems as appropriate.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud:

  • Availability and resilience
  • Scalability
  • Cost Savings
  • Infrastructure modernization
  • Accelerated application delivery
  • Compliance

BCI’s Managed Hybrid Cloud solution also offers Interconnected MF Services with Amazon AWS and other Multi-Cloud MSP Infrastructures. Pairing BCI’s Mainframe Services with Amazon Web Services will extend capabilities to integrate with IBM zSeries, pSeries, iSeries and Linux processing.

Hybrid Cloud support for Mainframe App/Dev Teams to Modernize-in-Place

Your digital transformation initiative will still require the maintenance of older, on-premises assets while simultaneously calling for modern application front ends, cloud-native infrastructures, and technologies. Today, your organization can modernize these mainframe applications and workloads by incorporating them into hybrid cloud architectures – all while keeping your mission critical assets and data on the mainframe. BCI Managed Hosting and co-location services will help you Cross Traditional IT and Hybrid Cloud for system Z to act as the Information Hub for business-Critical Resources still needing to reside on the mainframe. It also allows you to evaluate and integrate new technologies and Developer tools where needed and leverage legacy systems as appropriate.

Hosting & Co-Location

BCI provides clients a flexible choice between managing their IT services and hardware on-premise at your site or using a BCI-supplied computing platform hosted remotely.

BCI Hosting Services features an IBM Z multi-tenant CP supporting 4 networked co-locations. It allows you to easily manage, transform and upgrade in-house computing services without impact to your existing workloads. Baer Consulting owns and operates our own IBM mainframe environments (CPU, DASD, TAPE) in all four datacenters. Three of these datacenters are Tier-III facilities. BCI can also provide disaster recovery as well as production managed services for IBM mainframe cloud environments. We deliver strategic Implementation/Deployment Road Maps and time-line planning.

BCI partners with LightEdge Solutions, a provider of on-premise and hybrid cloud offerings and secure co-location support through their state-of-the-art data center facilities located in Des Moines, IA and Omaha, NE.

LightEdge Facilities Management support is ISO 2000, ISO 27001, SSAE 16 SOC 1,2 & 3 Type II and PCI-DSSv3.0 certified with Data Center Operations meeting HIPAA compliance requirements. Teaming with LightEdge Solutions allows us to provide a secure, seamless cross-platform hosting solution for the enterprise. Your Mainframe Application Development teams can also access the latest cross-platform technology, allowing you to scale computing resources as your business demands change.

Managed Storage-as-a-Service

As the demands for managing massive amounts of data grows, as-a-Service providers offer a scalable, more agile alternative to in-house staff managing storage on-premise. “As-a-Service” means that, instead of buying hardware and then dealing with the day-to-day maintenance and troubleshooting of the secondary storage solution, customers pay for an all-inclusive service which alleviates data center overhead. As-a-Service offerings take care of monitoring, diagnostics, failure management, and software updates. This is particularly valuable as data grows larger because it saves enterprises money by lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).

BCI is your enterprise systems & storage solutions partner. BCI leverages our co-location hosting services for managing your Mainframe and storage server environments.

BCI’s storage management solution for z/OS performs backup, restore, archive (migrate) and recall for all z/OS data sets and volume types, including z/OS Unix file-level backup and restore.

Business Continuity

Maintaining availability of legacy workloads is the vital part of operations when your company’s business is driven by critical applications. If you are facing challenges like limited hardware options, reducing services and support costs or SME Staff shortages, then BCI's Mainframe hosting and services agreements can help you to address these data center issues.

BCI also provides a fail-safe, effective disaster recovery (DRP) plan - one that’s documented and tested regularly is essential for limiting downtime, avoiding lost revenue, ensuring a speedy recovery of resources and allowing an organization to restore services to clients quickly.

The first step in creating a DRP that works in the real world is not planning – it is assessing. While most planners will try to create an inventory of the applications that need to be part of the DRP, they miss an important step in the pre-plan process: assessing what the system’s DR capabilities are. They need to perform a DR gap analysis, identify what works, what is missing, and then implement any new updates and re-test the changes to the plan. Why not schedule BCI to analyze, maintain and test your Data Center recovery process to facilitate the preparation for any event that could cause a real enterprise system outage!

Mainframe Systems: A Disaster Recovery Planning Blueprint

Baer Consulting Disaster Recovery Services provides:

  • Redundancy Protection - 2-site DR Offering includes one hot site with remote site configured for either warm or cold start
  • Plan to Restore Systems quickly by provisioning for - Tape Restoration, Replication, Global Mirroring, Virtual Tape Migration option
  • Test your system regularly - Perform a one-time test to affirm procedures or an option to schedule multi-drills per year
  • Planning & process validation, document updates to your plan
  • Consulting Services Minimize Outage & Downtime - Strategic Planning, IT business continuity

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