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BCI Services Support Center

The Support Center is a combination of three departmental support functions: Operations, Facilities Management, and Systems Programming. BCI’s z Technical Support Line offers telephone or electronic access to our highly-trained technical support SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), who serve as our clients’ source for remote systems and multivendor software support and services. The BCI Services and Support Center provides assistance to our clients using state-of-the-art monitors with direct secure access to their systems. System support for client z/OS and z/VM environments is provided 24x7, and delivers fast response to problem and incident identification, isolation and resolution. Using BCI’s Support Services can also help eliminate the need to employ, orient, train and manage in-house system support staff. Business Leaders can eliminate the associated costs, delays and minimize human error related to complex problem resolution. The total Support Center package includes a standard reporting process that produces monthly system “health check”, software inventory/upgrade report and a performance/capacity planning document & review for business leaders.

Customer Message

Valued Customer,
In these uncertain times facing our nation and world, we at Baer Consulting feel extremely fortunate that our business model is based on "remote services" and that all of our employees already work from home. As a result, BCI is fully operational and functioning during this time of quarantines and emergency shut-downs.

Given that most businesses are not geared toward "work from home" scenarios for their employees, we want you to know that we are here to assist you and your staff in any way that we are able. Should your staff members require more remote access to systems hosted by BCI than previously allowed, we can certainly accommodate those requests. In addition to being able to assist your team with secure enablement of an IBM mainframe environment for operations, production control, and system programmers, we can provide support to augment your staff members who may be unable to work from home or are under quarantine.

We urge everyone to take necessary precautions including containment measures to cut down the spread of this virus. Please stay safe and healthy during this time of uncertainty. Should you require any help or special assistance please Contact Us or call 303-838-3374 x140.

Peering BCI Mainframe Services with Amazon Web Services

BCI understands an Amazon AWS cloud environment and how to connect it into a IBM z Hybrid Cloud. In this instance, Hybrid Cloud means that you still have some services running in your company's mainframe and some running in a provider's (BCI) Hosted cloud Datacenter.

Current cloud ISP providers really offer services only for x86 processing. IBM Cloud is the exception. Amazon AWS locations do NOT offer mainframe hosting services. A customer wanting to re-Host their Legacy Applications to the cloud needs a ISP provider that can support an IBM z Hybrid Cloud inter-connected with x86 and multi-cloud processing services.

BCI is a provider of managed services for IBM z Hybrid Cloud mainframes and offers Interconnected MF Services with Amazon AWS and Integrated Multi-Cloud Infrastructures. BCI’s Cloud can peer with Cloud providers (AWS) to handle z Series, iSeries, p Series processing.

Amazon VPCs (Virtual Private Cloud) can be connected to private mainframe environments hosted by Baer-Consulting. BCI Mainframe OS Services i.e. Storage, Tape Backup and Recovery-as-a-Service are hosted in Private VLANS with customer defined subnets. Each customer can expect full security isolation from other customers.

DevOps IBM Z Modernization

Baer Consulting (BCI) Managed Cloud Services delivers services and support for Cloud-Hybrid and Private-Clound DevOps Environments.

BCI’s Z Modernization Services delivers:

  • Preserve mainframe investment and assets
  • Drive digital transformation on mainframe
  • Integrate the mainframe using DevOps strategy
  • Modernize DevOps toolsets for developers
  • Enable next-gen developers work on mainframe
  • Increase collaboration with your business units
  • Planning and Consulting

Migrating a Mainframe Application to Cloud

  • Application Modernization, re-Hosting
  • IBM z Infrastructure Transformation

BCI re-Hosting Solution supports mainframe DevOps Modernization projects, both during and after transition to the new hosted environment. For sites migrating applications to cloud services, using BCI hosting offers cost savings; i.e. current hardware environment is growing older, out of service and / or downsizing due to less workload and desire to reduce MSU and platform cost.

Transform your data management systems to solve your most pressing issues while preparing for future growth. BCI’s Hybrid Cloud model offers the best mix of technology to deliver the right solution to meet your business goals. Extend your IBM z to participate in a Hybrid Multi-Cloud Infrastructure with cross-platform integration to support your DevOps Modernization Strategy. BCI’s Cloud Services can peer with Amazon’s AWS Cloud or other cloud providers to handle IBM z – p Series, -I Series processing.

BCI Approach:

  • Solution Planning
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Database & Data Transformation
  • Application Modernization

Does your business depend on a very large high-speed transactional mainframe?

As your Business Units drive Digital Transformation of your legacy mainframe applications, is your IT Department planning to keep your mission critical assets and data on the mainframe? Cross Traditional IT and Cloud for the mainframe act as a Hub for business-Critical Applications still on the mainframe. BCI Consulting and Services provides you a flexible choice between managing your IT Services / hardware on-premise at your site or use our BCI supplied computing platform hosted remotely.

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