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Baer Consulting

Domino on Linux on System z

Baer Consulting can provide complete and comprehensive planning and implementation of Domino on Linux on System z. Our plans include migration options, capacity planning and phased implementation for ensured success. Let our years of experience with the System z platform provide the type of large-system messaging and integration solution you expect from your mainframe environment.

Large-Scale Server Advantages

Domino on Linux on System z is capable of supporting tens of thousands of users and applications with large storage requirements. It is one of the best platforms to deploy new web applications that tightly integrate with traditional System z mission-critical applications and data.

Lotus Domino Deployment

A Domino on Linux on System z server and applications can be easily added to an existing Domino network without noticeable affect to users. Consolidating existing Domino servers onto a System z platform would result in fewer servers and the ability to handle significant increases in workload.

Data Access

Domino on Linux on System z enables the integration of Domino Data with traditional z/OS business applications such as CICS, IMS, and DB2. Now there are enterprise integration tools like Lotus Script Extensions (LSX) for MQ Series that allow easy transfer of data between enterprise applications and Domino based business solutions.

Cost Advantages of Domino on Linux on System z Hardware:

  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Improvements in performance, capacity & maximum database size
  • Availability
  • Fewer servers required
  • Less and simpler replication
  • Less and simpler administration
  • Existing System z skills can be leveraged for system management, data management, and backup to also reduce costs.

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