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Mainframe Disaster Recovery

The term "Disaster Recovery" often produces thoughts of terror and/or chaos in most Information Technology (IT) Manager's minds. Initial planning for such a monumental task often seems insurmountable. Many such planning efforts can be prolonged for months or years without a successful test. The longer it takes, the more impatient and worried upper management and the user community become. Baer Consulting, Inc. (BCI) has developed a method to produce immediate results and then refocus the issues of Mainframe Disaster Recovery back to the user community where the responsibility remains.

The BCI technical and management team conducts offsite Mainframe Disaster Recovery tests for our contracted support clients semi-annually. Expertise and familiarization with the major offsite testing, disaster recovery (hot-site) facilities, and processes enable us to meet and/or exceed auditing expectations. BCI's success at disaster recovery situations is largely attributed to the ability to build and activate an entire system within the first day, allowing more time for user testing. Once the Mainframe Disaster Recovery test has been completed, the client will receive comprehensive reports and documentation of the recovery process, including known and unknown recovery requirements. With these documented results, a technical staff will be better prepared for future recovery support.

Do not risk the day-to-day business outage that looms as an ominous possibility. Have BCI analyze, maintain and test your Data Center recovery process to facilitate the preparation for any event that could cause a real enterprise system outage!

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