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Parallel Sysplex

Baer Consulting, Inc. (BCI)'s implementation services for Parallel Sysplex is a set of services that enable you to establish a Parallel Sysplex environment. The services provide help in defining, building, and implementing a Parallel Sysplex to provide a basis for future exploitation.

This service provides specific deliverables and support to accelerate your production use of Parallel Sysplex. The BCI project management and technical skills provided insure that your project is completed within the timeframes targeted, enabling you to achieve the benefits of Parallel Sysplex quickly and efficiently.

Throughout the migration, the BCI support team provides skill transfer to your systems programmers. This support and skills building means that, at the end of the project, your staff has the experience and knowledge to begin the use and exploitation of your Parallel Sysplex environment.

BCI's Parallel Sysplex Systems Enablement includes:

  • A migration planning session
  • Choosing and modifying BCI's existing detailed System Enablement implementation plans for your system
  • Verifying the hardware configuration
  • Verifying the correct level of z/OS system, or upgrading your z/OS software installation
  • OEM product compatibility research
  • Implementing the Parallel Sysplex
  • Exploiting the coupling facility for XCF, RACF, JES2 checkpoint or VTAM generic resources, as appropriate
  • Establishing a test CICSPlex including VSAM RLS setup, DB2 data

The System Enablement phase will be complete when:

  • The Parallel Sysplex is active and communicating in a test environment using a coupling facility for XCF services, JES2 checkpoint, and RACF profiles, as applicable
  • The test data-sharing environment is available for application testing
  • The Migration and System Enablement plans have been documented

Advantages of Parallel Sysplex

  • System z data and resource sharing
  • Balancing of multiple workloads
  • Increased productivity
  • Continuous system and application availability
  • Investment protection and reduced software cost

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