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San Solutions

The Challenge:

The growing demand on services, along with more and larger data warehouses, is creating an explosion in data storage. Network servers are limited on the total amount of storage they can provide, thus causing the need for storage farms requiring 10, 20, 30, or more servers to support data storage.

The Solution:

Implementation of an Enterprise-wide Storage Area Network (SAN), at Baer Consulting, Inc. (BCI). BCI staff can guide you through the planning and implementation of a SAN.

  • Project Planning for implementation of SAN
  • Interview employees and research current environment
  • Recommend hardware
  • Recommend how to implement the SAN in your environment
  • Create disk pooling for various platforms connected to the SAN
  • Migrate data from current locations to the SAN storage drives
  • Provide back-out plan
  • Create and implement data backup, archive, and restores
  • Provide on-site support during data conversion.

As on-going support for the SAN, BCI can provide administration tasks including:

  • Backup and restore plan
  • Business recovery plan
  • Performance reporting and tuning of the environment
  • Add capacity
  • Administer disk and tape pooling
  • Migration of Data
  • Administration of archive and retrieval process
  • Training for personnel in use of the SAN

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