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z/OS Services

Extremely fast-paced and competitive business environments demand comprehensive end-to-end solutions. z/OS is one of the major breakthroughs in system software, representing new concepts in large-system and, large-enterprise operating system software. z/OS integrates functions previously provided by IBM software products (including the MVS/ESA operating system). It is an open, secure operating system for the IBM System z family of enterprise servers. z/OS complies with industry standards, is enabled for network computing and e-business, supports technology advances in networking server capability, parallel processing, and object-oriented programming. z/OS will help your business deliver mission-critical information when and where it is needed, while ensuring extraordinary network and system-wide security.

The assertion of z/OS is that it will integrate over 70 leading edge elements and features to address these key customer requirements in the most cost-effective way. BCI's clients benefit from the informed advice and industry experience for z/OS upgrade planning, z/OS migration, infrastructure design, and implementation skills that we provide to our national customer base. BCI personnel provide services in the areas of z/OS installation, conversion and migration projects, including performance tuning and capacity planning of z/OS systems. We maximize the effectiveness of your operating system to improve productivity and help gain a competitive edge.

If you are contemplating a new project which is key to your company's future success, call our consulting team to receive equitable and up-to-date expert information on how Baer Consulting can turn your plans into reality.

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