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z/OS Unix System Services

z/OS UNIX System Services or z/OS UNIX (formerly known as OpenEdition Services) are now very tightly integrated into the System z platform. z/OS UNIX System Services is considered an essential element in the open and distributed computing strategy undertaken by IBM. By leveraging the ability to use the z/OS operating system out-of-the-box as a UNIX platform, the best of both worlds is gained. With UNIX's famed open system flexibility and z/OS's world-renowned security, scalability and recoverability, the System z platform is now ready to receive any UNIX based open systems application or solution. One of the most strategic of these applications is the enterprise class Domino/Lotus Notes messaging and legacy data integration capability.

Some important things you can do with z/OS UNIX System Services are:

  • HTTP Web Server (included with the z/OS base system and capable of serving traditional legacy data)
  • Direct access to DB2. (DB2 Connect)
  • C compiling
  • NFS (the ability to share files with other UNIX systems)
  • TCP/IP

With z/OS UNIX and the Network File System client, an unchanged z/OS program can use BSAM, QSAM or VSAM to create, read and write z/OS UNIX HFS files and pipes. The z/OS NFS client can access any server on a TCP/IP network that supports the SUN NFS Version 3 or Version 2 protocols, giving legacy applications new life. Many companies are also using NFS to allow the use of UNIX System Services as a file server, thus freeing up other resources on their other UNIX platforms. This use takes advantage of z/OS's formidable backup and restore capabilities.

Many clients are now centralizing their multiple UNIX platforms on the z/OS UNIX System Services system.

Indeed, the entire world of UNIX is already on your current z/OS system, waiting to be leveraged and exploited. BCI has assisted multiple clients in customizing, implementing, and optimizing their z/OS UNIX environments.

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