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Baer Consulting

z/VSE Services

Thousands of customers worldwide, in all sizes, in all industries, rely on z/VSE's robust, cost-effective batch and on-line transaction processing. Pay special attention to how VSE can fit into an overall e-business strategy for your company. With VSE as a core part of your IT infrastructure, you can be as competitive as you want to be.

BCI's clients benefit from sound advice and industry experience for z/VSE installation and migration planning.

Our experienced personnel are ready to assist you in taking advantage of these exciting new enhancements. In addition, BCI also offers Systems Programming Assistance with the following:

  • VSE system software installation, including optional products
  • VSE system upgrade via Fast Service Upgrade
  • VSE software maintenance application
  • OEM software installation
  • TCP/IP for z/VSE implementation
  • VTAM customization
  • IOCP coding
  • LPAR implementation
  • Multiple VSE guest support under z/VM
  • System recovery following hardware failure
  • Implementation of Ethernet LANs
  • OSA-Express implementation
  • Performance consulting
  • VSE "Health Checkup"
  • Disaster Recovery planning / testing
  • Contract Systems Programmer for VSE
  • FBA to (E)CKD DASD conversion
  • (E)CKD to non-similar (E)CKD DASD conversion

In short, BCI can assist with any z/VSE services.

Looking for assistance with VM? Visit our z/VM Services page.

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