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Mainframe Services

Mainframe Services

Chances are that managing and meeting in-house mainframe service requirements has now become a major area of concern for Business Leaders. As hardware and software costs rise, and finding skilled platform professionals become harder to replace, BCI Mainframe Services will help address the disruptive change and modernization challenges IT Departments face today, i.e., replacing / upgrading aging CPU, operating systems, updating management software facing end-of-life support and addressing skilled staff shortages.

BCI provides clients a flexible choice between managing their IT services and hardware on-premise at their own site or using a BCI-supplied computing platform hosted remotely.

BCI Hosting Services features an IBM Z multi-tenant CP supporting 4 networked co-locations. It allows our clients to easily manage, transform and upgrade in-house computing services without impact to their existing workloads. Baer Consulting owns and operates our own IBM mainframe environments (CPU, DASD, TAPE) in all four datacenters. Three of these datacenters are Tier-III facilities. BCI can also provide disaster recovery as well as production managed services for IBM mainframe cloud environments. We deliver strategic Implementation/Deployment Road Maps and project time-line planning. More information on BCI Hosting Services can be found under the Managed Cloud Services section tab found in the title bar above.

Managed Mainframe Services

BCI managed care services (zMCS) address the project needs of IT Operations Leaders wishing to supplement staffing levels needed to maintain or upgrade IT service levels to their users. BCI’s Technical Team of SME’s and Consultants are available to advise, plan, manage and assist your daily or strategic operational project needs. BCI’s zManaged Care Services (zMCS) for Mainframe platforms include: System Applications Monitoring, Workload & Capacity Planning, software upgrades/implementation, project planning, and Disaster Recovery. By teaming with BCI services, you will get a Managed Service Provider that is skilled & experienced in delivering mainframe systems services, custom fit to meet your needs.

Mainframe System Services & Support

Support and services are provided in multiple strategic areas such as library and storage management, network management, and overall system security. In addition, BCI has extensive experience with OEM product installations, z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE, Unix System Services, Capacity Planning and Performance Management Solutions, z/OS Security Server (RACF) Consulting Services, CICS Transaction Server, and the WebSphere products for Internet commerce solutions. Baer Consulting gives the highest value possible to our clients by using state-of-the-art monitors with direct and secure access to their systems. System support for our clients’ business critical z/OS environments is provided up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our clients receive prompt, efficient response to and resolution of problems. Our support contracts are augmented by comprehensive interaction: including weekly client meetings, status reports, and monthly performance reports to assure system, network, and data integrity. Baer Consulting (BCI) is an IBM Business Partner and Managed Solution Provider of IBM system z services and support. BCI helps mainframe decision makers avoid the hassle and complexity of planning, managing, and deploying On-Premise/Off-Premise Private Cloud services to meet today’s business demands. Should your managed cloud requirements span both private and public offerings, finding the right fit and business partner support can be a challenge. You want the best of both worlds, greater security of a private cloud with the reduced investment cost and faster time to value from a public cloud. We are committed to client satisfaction by maintaining an information technology partnership with our clients. Baer Consulting is your enterprise systems solutions provider! See our complete list of BCI Service Offerings below.

Mainframe Operations Support

BCI’s mainframe operation support services provide organizations the flexibility, cost effectiveness and quality staff and processes they need to meet changing business needs. Our highly skilled mainframe support professionals provide customers with 24/7 continuous end-to-end mainframe monitoring and support.

  • Business benefits of BCI mainframe operation support services:
  • Supports all aspects of mainframe operations
  • educes Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Ensures timely completion of critical operations
  • Guarantees 24/7 mainframe availability
  • Supports weekend, holiday, and night shifts (including graveyard shift)
  • Eliminates installation and maintenance of infrastructure
  • Reduces complexity of mainframe management
  • Provides well trained mainframe resources
  • Frees in-house IT staff to focus on core business areas

BCI Support Center

The Support Center is a combination of three departmental support functions: Operations, Facilities Management, System Programming. Support Center clients rely on BCI to respond to problem/incidents with on-call support staff and managers. Clients define the business-critical nature or "Severity Level" of each problem/incident. The goal is to minimize adverse effects on our client's day-to-day business functions.

Using BCI's Support Center services can eliminate the need to employ, orient, train, and manage in-house system support staff. In addition, clients can eliminate the associated costs, delays, and distractions related to occasional problem resolution. The total Support Center package includes a standard reporting mechanism that produces a monthly system "health check", software inventory/upgrade report, and a performance/capacity planning document.

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