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Mainframe Consolidation/Relocation

One of the most difficult projects that faces an Information Technology (IT) department is the consolidation of two or more Data Centers. Often the scope of such a project is tremendous and crosses many boundaries of expertise. Lack of planning, extended time frames and budget overruns challenge many mainframe consolidations.

BCI has successfully managed and implemented numerous consolidations over the years. The management and technical staff at BCI has the necessary skills and experience to successfully analyze, plan and initiate a mainframe consolidation with the least possible impact to your organization.

The primary advantages of using BCI to manage your consolidation is the combined years of experience available within our vast knowledge base and our ability to provide continuous support before, during, and after the consolidation process. Utilizing our knowledge base and defined methodologies, we quickly identify common areas for potential pitfalls. We have the project planning tools and experience to further organize the detailed planning efforts and assist with the selection of the most suitable approach. Our ability to use proven processes assures success in the least amount of time possible.

Quite often, the merger/consolidation will involve several products from multiple vendors. As experienced systems integrators, BCI can quickly assess the existing infrastructure, and identify the "surviving" hardware/software to meet the defined business goals. Once the survivors are selected, BCI can assist with the conversion/migration.

If your business is faced with the challenges of consolidating Data Centers, call BCI to assist with this process from beginning to end to ensure success.

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