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Baer Consulting

IBM Technical Q&A

Team up with experts at Baer Consulting, Inc. (BCI) for your IBM Enterprise support needs. BCI provides certified expertise in a wide range of areas at competitive prices to help you reach your business goals by leveraging technology and maximizing resources.

When you have a problem or question, BCI's consultants are here to help. Consultants can be reached 24x7x365 by phone, email, or through our web site.

BCI draws on years of experience and training to provide responsive and quality answers in core areas such as:

Operating Systems

  • z/OS, z/VSE, VSE/ESA, z/VM, VM/ESA, Linux, etc.


  • CICS Transaction Server, IBM DB2/UDB, z/OS Security Server, IBM MQSeries, IBM Tivoli Storage Management, WebSphere, and ISV Installation/Upgrade/Conversion, etc.


  • WebSphere Host On-Demand, OSA Configuration, TCP/IP & SNA Configuration, etc.

Storage Management

  • VTS/ATL, SAN, etc.

If you need longer-term solutions, BCI also provides a wide range of expert services such as:

  • Storage Management Assessment through Implementation
  • Facilities/Outsource Management
  • Data Center Relocation/Consolidation
  • Project Management
  • Capacity/Performance Planning
  • Business Recovery
  • e-Business (Hosting and WebSphere)

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