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z/OS Security Server (RACF)

The reasons for security solutions and policies for System z networks and Internet connectivity are obvious. With numerous third party security suites available on the market, the time spent trying to internally define and document security policies and requirements can be the most important time spent. BCI's staff can facilitate the planning stages and implementation to ensure a protected enterprise environment no matter what enterprise compatible firewall or application is chosen or being used. This means BCI security consulting is only for the System z. BCI is an authority on the security requirements needed for IBM products (i.e. CICS Transaction Server) and most other third party products that require a z/OS Security Server interface.

The z/OS Security Server (RACF) product suite is and will continue to evolve into the single corporate security product suite needed to secure enterprise system resources. The introduction of Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) assures that the Security Server product suite is an important player in the open system environment.

Baer Consulting, Inc. (BCI) has successfully implemented many z/OS-related security solutions including conversion services from other products.

BCI's documented architecture outlines for z/OS Security Server structures lend themselves to the new RACF facilities and can be maintained with minimal administrative effort. We are also familiar with Unix System Services segments and what is required to fulfill the needs of the z/OS UNIX environment.

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